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Ideon Open is part of Ideon Science Park, Scandinavia’s most successful meeting place for visionaries, entrepreneurs and venture capital.

Built around Lund University, The Faculty of Engineering and Lund School of Economics and Management with 48,000 students, Ideon Science Park is a focal point and obvious meeting place for business, research and the public sector in the region.

This is where many global leaders in the areas of Future Transportation, Smart Cities, Smart Materials and Health Tech, have started their journey. And stayed.

The management of the Ideon brand is settled in an agreement with SUN, a constellation between the Administrative Board of Skåne, Lund University, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden .

Ideon is among the largest science and business parks in Northern Europe. More than 9,000 employees in 400 companies work within walking distance of each other. Find out more about Ideon Science Park here.

A breeding ground for successful companies.

Lund and Ideon Science Park is where innovation and invention go hand in hand to create disruptive products and technologies. The turbohaler, dialysis machine, mobile phone, use of ultrasound in medicine, Tetra-Pak milk carton, ink-jet printer and the first artificial respirator were all invented here.

Some of the internationally well-known companies coming out of the area’s innovation climate are Tetra Pak, Alfa Laval, Ericsson, Qlik and Axis Communications.

Today, Ideon Science Park is Scandinavia’s and one of Europe’s most successful meeting places for visionaries, entrepreneurs and for venture capital.

The powering collaborations.

Ideon is all about helping innovative companies expand and develop. The following organisations are here to help businesses start, build and prosper here in southern Sweden.

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The scientific frontier.

Lund and its surrounding area is now home to two of the world’s most exciting research projects, ESS and Max IV laboratory.

The European Spallation Source (ESS) is a multi-disciplinary research centre based on the world’s most powerful neutron source. This new facility will be around 30 times brighter than today’s leading facilities, enabling new opportunities for researchers in the fields of life sciences, energy, environmental technology, cultural heritage and fundamental physics.

MAX IV laboratory operates accelerators producing x-rays of very high intensity and quality. Almost 1,000 scientists per year come to the lab and use the x-rays for scientific research, making the invisible visible.