Recording from the webinar that we arranged with Handelskammaren on Sept 2nd, 2021.

Back to the office, permanent home office or something in between? Many of us have worked from home since the start of the pandemic. The “Hoffice” has become our primary workplace. When we now can see some sort of post-pandemic future, there are questions about how and where we will performe our work. Do we even need to be in the office anylonger and if so why? What will the new workplace be like? Many employees feel that they, after working from home for 1,5 years, have the right to decide when and where they should work. This can lead to a conflict with the employer. What is the best way to solve such an employment regulation conflict?

Who should actually decide where the work should be performed? By returning to work there will be questions about new routines and also concerning concrete risk in the work environment. How should employers prepare themselves for this?

Speakers include:

  • Niklas Madsen, CEO at Superlab, the company that developed the Playful office concept and the Museum of failure
  • Jonas Borell, assistant professor at Lund University, researching topics like work environment, work organisation and flexible work formats
  • Maria Moberg, lawyer within labor legislation at MAQS law firm, will talk about the employment regulation aspects of today’s topic

View the recording here.