Explore the implications of mega trends in your value chain.

This is a full day workshop where we invite companies who play a key role in your value chain to address the question of mega trends and the opportunities they offer.

You will gain a better understanding of future demands through open collaboration within the value chain, and explore how mega trends can be used as a tool for business development.

Mega trends, mega opportunities.

Global mega trends change both the future of living and ways of doing business. What is relevant today might be not optimal tomorrow.

The future scenario lab session focuses on your value chain. It gives you inspiration, and explores how to effectively apply mega trends in business development.


  • To have an open dialogue about how mega trends affect different aspects of your value chain.
  • To inspire participants to actively use mega trends in developing future business.
  • To develop ideas on how to meet consumer needs 5–10 years from now.

The number of participants is limited to 20–25 to create an effective format, while securing the diversity and representation from each section of the value chain.

We suggest 2 participants from each company, ideally one from R&D and one from sales & marketing.

We work in small groups and expect a dynamic and engaging workshop with hands-on experience on how to put mega trends into action in business development.

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