Innovative breakthrough projects all the way to first sales.

This is for you if you want high value, major, radical or bold innovations to develop faster and more securely. Innovations that are both new to the market and contain new technology have high uncertainty and do not allow themselves to be planned in the same standard enterprise development process. They need processes and tools. These radical innovations often lack clear owners and a dedicated sales organisation.

Ideon Open offers a leader and team to run high uncertainty projects by using our BTOM method.

Common Components:

  • Runs for minimum 6 months to 1.5 years.
  • Leads the project until real sales are achieved.
  • Requires a very experienced leader since there is no process or template to follow;
  • Need to be able to foresee coming stages, questions and pitfalls.
  • Needs to be extremely pro-active.
  • Use its own stage gates (not company standard development process).
  • Works in sprints and visual sprint planning (1w–4w sprints).
  • Uses a visual project canvas.
  • Daily or bi-daily scrums (i.e. start the day’s work with a 10–15 min joint what-to-do-today-meeting).
  • Using a rugby approach: All disciplines are involved in parallel; marketing, sales, logistics, R&D etc.
  • Use knowledge backlog tracking. Visualised.
  • Assumption driven.
  • Entrepreneurial way of working including MVP, split testing, pilot hypotheses etc.
  • Ideon Open leaders have clear effectual entrepreneurial thinking to complement corporate MBA thinking.

You get a fast moving innovation project that takes high risk ideas all the way to the market.

You can hire a BTOM leader 3–4 days/week and complimentary BTOM resources for 2–4 days/week.

You experience an entrepreneurial start-up way of working inside your enterprise organisation that challenges and inspires your organisation onto a journey of cultural business change.

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