Corporate development process meets lean innovation.

The result is a leaner enterprise I2L process.

All processes mature over time, refining and improving. They also get heavier over time.

New additions are added in terms of actions, decision points, templates etc.

You often need to lean your Idea To Launch (I2L) process to keep it fast and agile; “when a process travels and matures it gets heavier”.

With Ideon Open you can speed up your corporate development process with a lean start-up way of thinking. We assess your process from an entrepreneurial standpoint and suggest actions to lean it towards a faster execution.

  • Lean start-up value step analysis contains:
    Create a map of your I2L process.
    Critically assess each step/action of the process, looking for time wasters/speed bumps. We use Ideon Open’s lean start-up and lean innovation background.
    Determine cost of delays.
  • Improve I2L process by;
    Adding root cause analysis (fish bone process).
    Defining possible solutions to speed up the process.
    Suggesting lean innovation steps and actions to be added if needed.
    Choosing solution to act on.

We can also run the actual implementation, beneficial when adding lean innovation steps and actions to your process, which are often new to the organisation.

Investment: Example for a midsize company will include ½ day joint prep meeting, 1 full day workshop and refining of actions. Expect around 4–5 days’ work by your own staff.

You get a faster idea to launch process, knowledge of lean start-up additions, and an entrepreneurial outside view of your internal established process.

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