Training in enterprise entrepreneurship.

We live in exponential times where technology development and digitalisation increase competition and create totally new conditions for growth and innovation. To stay relevant we need to change with it.

Revitalize yourself and your organisation with this custom-built training program that supports and encourages you to be creative, energetic and outward looking as you learn competencies for an ever-changing environment.

We take you on a journey with activities that focus on:

  • Brain expansion
  • Customer interaction
  • Start-up thinking
  • Early business modelling
  • Assumption handling
  • Ideation and idea pitching
  • Corporate open innovation

These activities are mixed with internal work, individual and group tasks, and time for reflection.

During the program we challenge you to confront established corporate habits that hold back innovation and success, and introduce tools and methods to support and implement an entrepreneurial way of thinking.

Presenters cover a wide range of experience and perspectives, as well as elements of surprise.

Every training program is customized for you, comprising a 12-week boost to more extensive versions running for 5–7 months. After an initial dialogue, training is offered at a fixed cost for a minimum of 10 participants.

With a team of certified corporate entrepreneurs acting as internal ambassadors, and equipped with a new network, new strategies and tools, you will be on the way to building and fostering a culture of openness and collaboration for successful innovation.

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