Understand the threats and anticipate the opportunities that require strong peripheral vision.

Realizing your company’s biggest threat is what it doesn’t see.

Together we strengthen your insight into coming innovative threats.

We start by identifying and sharing material to set the scene using trends, your own blind spots and examples from other industries.

We envision the future for your enterprise and identify what could really hurt you, what emerging technologies could change the game.

We define actions to reduce the risk of being surpassed by unexpected technical events or radical business models.

You get insight and become proactive in facing what’s around the corner and might hit you tomorrow. You can handle the unforeseen and prepare your organisation to embrace the unexpected. Your organisation will be able to turn threatening innovation breakthroughs into your advantage.

Investment for a smaller group from one company will include ½ day joint prep meeting, 1 full day workshop and actions. Expect around 4–5 days’ work by your own staff.

The workshop can also be run jointly by more than one company from the same value chain.

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