Challenge driven collaborative breakthrough.

Work in a modern, open collaborative way, experiencing innovative and optimized solutions for specific challenges: from logistics, manufacturing, business modelling, or new product development.

We embrace your internal talent and the world outside in a collaborative, co-creative, visual hands-on way to go beyond what you would achieve internally.

Step 1 challenge insight:

We help you clarify and create a better understanding of your challenges, estimating the value of upcoming solutions and determining which collaborative approach to use.

Step 2 open path:

We suggest the best possible open innovation approach based on collaborative work with external groups together with internal staff.

Together we define clear, measurable targets, a detailed workflow and create different phases, identifying the bright minds to involve, consider legal and IPR aspects and calculate the investment needed to run the project.

Step 3 co-create solutions:

We run the project to co-create solutions, identifying, screening and selecting participants. The first and last part are closed, with an open section in the middle. We prime and prepare the internal and external team before work sessions, handling any legal and IPR issues.

We normally end this step with a prototype/demo together with a business model. We produce alternatives for ways forward, either internally or in partnership with external agencies or individuals.

Step 4 (optional) BTOM Time:

We run the project until the first customer contracts are signed according to our breakthrough-to-market, BTOM-approach. See separate description.


We guide you through the process step-by-step.

Steps 1–2 are at a fixed fee. We then estimate and agree on a maximum investment level for Step 3. You can redirect or stop work at any time during the process.

This approach reignites energy in your organization. Training your colleagues in a more open and collaborative way is always seen positively and contributes to cultural change. Once our customers have seen the power of open innovation and the open toolbox, it has changed their thinking permanently. Now’s the time to change yours.
The advantage of explore collaborative co-creation is access to external expertise, new views on your challenge, increased speed of work and access to new entrepreneurial and open tools.

The solution goes beyond what you can create internally. Comments we often receive are, “We should have done this earlier”, and “We will continue working collaboratively to co-create solutions with externals”.

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