How to set up a corporate incubator/enterprise lab.

Your internal R&D needs to be world class and to continually improve. But that’s not enough. Accept that the world outside your own organisation is bigger and better than you are, no matter how big you are. The amount of talent outside is always larger.

You need to keep on improving the internal idea pipeline internally and take ideas through development to market launch.

Do you have enough of right ideas in the front end of the development pipeline? Can you see product ideas or process improvements outside your organisation that you can benefit from?

Can outsiders come up with new business models that are interesting to you? How can you benefit from the most exciting radical technology outside your firm?

Set up conditions for a lab where you engage with outside business ventures.

Together we define the optimal focus for you; attracting anything from micro start-ups to global enterprises. We help you set up how to engage with the externals; all the different alternatives from investing in them via partnerships, to pure business deals.

You get access to the power of outside innovation to boost sales and growth. By adding an enterprise lab to your innovation tool box you challenge your organisation to search for answers and solutions in new directions.

After an initial study we suggest the best possible lab concept for you. We analyse and produce a complete enterprise lab package based on your conditions including a joint time plan. We present benefits, investment needs, operational conditions and costs, suggest lab sites, lab partners and the optimal profile of an enterprise lab leader and team.

Each enterprise lab is unique to its company’s circumstances, but uses universal principles of open innovation and entrepreneurship.

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