Explore the Silicon Valley innovation environment together with your board or management team.

Several companies and even whole industries have seen the rules change rapidly as disruptive technologies and business models have emerged in their business environment. Often with the result that former success factors suddenly appear to be their biggest problems. Historically, successful companies have seen their business logic outdated and disappear.

It is more important than ever before to understand how your industry will change when new technologies and business models emerge and re-shape the competitive landscape.

What are the new technologies that will change your industry? Who are the disruptive challengers that will shake your world? Where will they come from? The chances are that they might already exist – maybe even in Silicon Valley, where innovators and entrepreneurs from all over the world gather to develop new disruptive businesses.

To address those crucial questions we tailor a program for your board of directors and/or your management team. The program starts with a one day workshop at your premises, followed by a full week in Silicon Valley & San Francisco, and a follow-up workshop when we are back.

Your week in Silicon Valley will be intense and packed with exciting visits, meetings, workshops and network activities. Both in expected and likely areas, and in more mind-boggling areas. Some examples of activities your team will experience during the week include:

  • Explore how digitalization will change your business.
  • Look at leading examples of customer centricity and user experience.
  • Visit the Nordic Innovation Hub, a Nordic base camp for small businesses in Palo Alto.
  • Meet entrepreneurs from Plug & Play in Sunnyvale and Galvanizer in San Francisco.
  • Train in Design Thinking at Stanford with Tamara Carlton (from D School).
  • Meet businesses relevant to your own industry, share experiences and explore collaboration opportunities.
  • Gain awareness and a higher ability to proactively meet disruption in your industry.

The follow-up workshop will focus on learnings and how to make use of them when deciding the strategic direction for your company. How can you secure that your company constantly monitors changes in the business environment and never stop thinking about how to stay ahead?

Don’t wait for your company to be disrupted! Think about how your company can be on the frontline of change instead. Contact us to discuss how we can tailor a program in Silicon Valley to your business and your team.

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