Connect with bright brains around the world to find new solutions and technologies that can help your business get a winning edge.

As a leading international innovation hub, Ideon Open and the Ideon Science Park is connected to more than 200 innovation environments around Europe with access to 1,000s of high tech start-ups world-wide. We know we can find the right technical talent for your exact requirements.

Step 1: Define the problem. In order to know who to address we need to know what the problem really is. We pinpoint exactly what hurts and why it hurts, then set out to find the solution.

Step 2: Openness. Not all the smartest people in the world work in your company.

We reach out to our network of companies, innovation hubs, universities, science parks and more, describing your problem and what you are searching for.

Step 3: Screening. Once the deadline for step 2 is reached or the amount of solutions is enough we start the screening process. Together we go through the solutions and providers to prioritize and identify the most interesting candidates.

After screening we facilitate the first introduction between yourself and the solution provider. We go through the solution in more detail and look at business aspects of a future collaboration. The outcome could be to start a pilot test.

Step 4 (optional) BTOM: We run the project towards a clear target according to our breakthrough-to-market (BTOM) approach. Please see the separate description.

This process opens up your reach to the word, helping you gather external ideas, solutions and technologies that would otherwise require a lot of time and resources.

This is a great step towards a more open way of innovating your business without being exposed

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