The Ideon Open team participated in this year’s Innovation Pioneers Summit “Building Intelligent Futures”. Such a great environment and inspiration! Innovation practitioners, R&D and management team representatives from large companies, public entities and innovation consultancies were all gathered for two days to share best practices, tools and trends in innovation. Among various new ideas, three key takeaways for us at Ideon Open were the following.

Being Open

It was inspiring to see how all different actors came together for two days and were open to talk and share their problems and innovation approaches. The more you share, the more you get back. Successful innovation is about daring to share. Being open is fundamental for Ideon Open at every assignment that we work with.


Innovation does not happen internally. Not all smart people work for you and not all resources are available at hand for you. For innovation it is crucial to think who should you partner with and how to embrace innovation from outside. During Collaboration and Co-creation innovation classes hosted by RISE and Ignite, we explored how partnering up with startups and using testbeds companies can create their own strategy of surviving the “valley of death“.

Technologies, AI and Smart Cities

Third, the future will be more connected, smart and AI integrated. There are many technologies out there and more are developed, but it is important to think about how to use them for the best of humans. With #VeryDay and #Urban ICT Arena we created the future smart cities with the focus on humans and taking into consideration the #SDGs, sustainable development goals. And together with #IKEA and #Altran/frog we learned a new tool how to facilitate a dialogue and set a strategy within a company to use AI effectively.

Thank you all innovation pioneers for your amazing contributions. See you at the next summit. ​