The world is rapidly heading towards urbanized living with a high concentration of housing. At the same time, energy is becoming more and more decentralized. These trends create major planning issues for players in the housing and power markets, as well as for the city planners both locally and globally. We aim at tackling those challenges with the Game of Homes project. The new project “Game of Homes” was initiated to create an innovative stakeholder constellation and test a new methodology to take an active and leading role in developing the future of housing.

Ideon Open designed the open innovation process to create new solutions and visions for the topic. The Game of Homes project features four specially designed innovation sprints for companies: Case Design – Think Tank – Do Tank – Policy Tank. Currently, the collaboration is established between housing and tech companies among which are Sony, Skanska and Kraftringen.

On March 24th we upgraded the concept of the Think Tank and run it digitally – it turned into a Digi Tank. With 38 participants who were actively engaged in the chat, and with digital presentations and keynotes from Albin Carlén, Anna Clark, Bengt-Åke Claesson, and Henrik Aurell – it was a great success!

The Game of Homes project has now moved into the “Do Tank” phase, where Kraftringen & Sony Europe, together with our head coach Jakob Nielsen, go through innovation sprint. This stage is based on the Ideon Open’s concept of the @BEYOND Collaborative Corporate Accelerator. Within the next 3-6 months, companies will create real solutions to the Future of Housing challenge.

With online tools available we can collaborate on a high level. We invite companies to become partners in the Game of Homes project. Contact Gustav Widerström if you are interested in this project:, +46 70 851 35 85.