Online session on May 26th at 10:30 – 12:00.

The new workplace normal – Back to office, permanent home office or something in between?
Many of us have worked from home since the start of the pandemic. The “Hoffice” has become our primary workplace. When we now can see some sort of post-pandemic future, the question arises about how and where we will performe our work. Do we even need to be in the office anylonger and if so why? What will be the new normal workplace set-up? The answer to this question has potential impact on employees, employers, real-estate office owners as well as construction companies.

Very welcome to join in on our panel discussion where we have invited great minds to discuss this topic. Joining us will be:

Niklas Madsen, CEO at Superlab, the company that developed the Playful office concept and the Museum of failure

Jonas Borell, assistant professor at Lund University, researching topics like work environment, work organisation and flexible work formats

Mattias Svensson, Head of Business Unit Offices at Vasakronan

Louise Dolck Strömberg, HR Director at Axis Communications

We hope to cover questions like; how will newly built housing be adapted to better cater for our home office needs? How will employers attract their employees back to the office again? What’s the thinking among the real-estate owners – is there a need to business develop? There will be opportunity to interact and ask your questions.

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