Learn how to set up an overall approach to your digital transformation and how to stregthen your organization’s power of innovation. Gain better knowledge about the digital maturity of your business and how digital transformation drive change and the need for strengthened innovation capabilities.

Workshop content:

  • Different perspectives of digital transformation and a proper definition of the concept
  • A robust framework for leading, developing, and implementing digital transformation based on DigJourney’s guidelines and framework for leading digital transformation
  • Nine digital engines and tools to measure your digital maturity
  • A perspective on innovation and innovation capability
  • Concrete methods and tools that you can use to strengthen your innovation ability
  • nteractive workshop elements using digital tools such as Menti and Google Slides

Target audience for this workshop is for example CEO, HR managers, CDO/CIO, team managers, innovation managers and business developers.

This workshop wlll be given via Zoom. Facilitators will be Anders Nilsson and Gustav Widerström from Ideon Open.

October 23rd, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Last day to register is October 16th. Register here