Learn how you can leave the traditional and boring digital meetings behind by developing your ability to create and facilitate engaging digital meetings, training sessions and workshops. In this workshop the participants will learn the basics and the value of active facilitation and get a fundamental understanding of how to create and carry out interactive meetings, using a set of digital tools (available in free and paid versions – none of them have any connection to the workshop instructors).

Workshop content:

  • Identification of 10 critical factors when creating an efficient and interactive meeting
  • What is facilitation and why is this so important?
  • How can I design and facilitate an engaging and interactive digital meeting?
  • An interactive workshop session in Google Slides – how to do it
  • An interactive workshop session in Miro – how to do it
  • How can I use Mentimeter.com to create interactivity and involvement on the same time as I collect data in an efficient way?
  • What smart and interactive tools can I use in the Zoom platform?
  • How can I take a number of separate digital tools and make them to work together in a digital meeting, workshop or training session?

This workshop is valuable to people in charge of organizing digital meetings, workshops, courses and training sessions. The workshop will be in Swedish.

The workshop wlll be given via Zoom. Facilitators will be Anders Nilsson and Gustav Widerström from Ideon Open.

October 26th, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Last day to register is October 19th. Register here