The number of companies in Sweden that are running or planning to run their own corporate innovation accelerator* is increasing steadily. At Ideon Open we have visited several corporate accelerators in Sweden, Europe and the US to study and learn. We noticed that a lot of these places are still in their early years and in many ways act as small start-ups within the environment of their bigger parent organization. And our own accelerator Beyond is only 3 years old. We constantly receive inquiries from companies on how to start an internal accelerator and what would be the best practices for that. Therefore, we asked ourselves: why not be smart about this and create a forum to exchange knowledge and experience between all of us? So here it is: Welcome to the corporate first and only (?) innovation accelerator community in Sweden. Get insights on how you can improve your skills to operate your already existing accelerator or how to start an one.

*With accelerator we typically mean an activity within the company where startups, internal teams or a mix thereof work with new business ideas, new offerings, innovation etc. Sometimes also called innovation hub, innovation lab, green house, innovation garage – but we are not meticulous about it.  



Knowledge sharing – meet people in the same position as yourself and discuss lessons learned and do´s & don´ts

Increased network – maybe there are opportunities for some joint activities with new accelerator friends…

Convenience – meet most of the corporate innovation accelerators in Sweden in one place at the same time


Active participation – Openness and insights into your corporate accelerator journey





Co-Learning Session 2021#2:


“18 company based innovation hubs in Sweden – What can we learn from their innovation exploration?”


June 17th @ 10:30-12:00


Online via Zoom


We continue sharing best practice and the latest research on how to succesfully work with corporate innovation accelerators. 


More info to follow soon!




Gustav Widerström, +46 (0)70 851 35 85



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Co-Learning Session 2021#1

“Re-Entering the Atmosphere”

March 19th at 9:30 – 12:00


One often overlooked area regarding innovation activities is how you integrate your successful innovation initiative into your existing operations. After a successful journey, with many insights and hurdles the team is now ready to return home. The group has evolved with new skills and learnings, but back home time has stood still. How do you re-enter the atmosphere and return successfully? We will discuss and use a model for this that gained a lot of interest at a previous gathering of the corporate accelerator group. Sony and E.on will also add to the session with their own experience.


We have arranged for a pitch from the UN Global Innovation Centre. Learn how they work as innovation facilitators to mobilise companies, startups and people to help solve the Sustainable Development Goals. The first five startups are already away!


We have focused on content that is interesting to all members of the Corporate Accelerator community and friends of Ideon Open.

You probably work within larger organisations with different kinds of innovation responsibilities.

MARCH 19th  |  9:30 – 12.00  |  ONLINE SESSION VIA ZOOM

If you would like to participate, please fill out the registration form and send to us. There is no fee for this session, you invest your time and knowledge. We will get back to you with the details you need to check in on March 19th.


Gustav Widerström

Gustav Widerström

Ideon Open

Pontus Rystedt

Pontus Rystedt

Ideon Open

Jonas Michanek

Jonas Michanek



Co-Learning Session 2020#2 

“Experience from accelerator initiatives”

December 3rd at 10:30 – 12:00

Listen to Volvo Cars and healthcare provider Capio sharing how they work with corporate innovation. 


Co-Learning Session 2020#1

“Corporate accelerator co-learning day”

September 29th at 09:30 – 15:30

First meet-up for this community. A whole day together in person to share and discuss experience from how to best run corporate innovation initiatives. Listen to presentation by IKEA what their plans are on this and learn from our guest speaker from Lund University what the research has to say about success factors for this kind of initiatives.