A declining newsprint market requires Stora Enso to find new innovative business opportunities to make use of resources and capacity of their production sites. We coach Stora Enso in a joint effort to take advantage of open innovation, resulting in the development of a new production line.


Newspaper paper-market disappearing 5-6% per year
Huge raw material supply & infra- structure assets getting redundant
New business crucial for survival


Curated Open Innovation events
>100 companies engaged in open workshops and co-creation processes
+ a large number of Entrepreneurs & Students
Lean startup approach for rapid evaluation of innovative ideas


>300 ideas generated
3 ideas verified and prototyped
New bio-based composite-material ”Durasense” developed
New production line with capacity of 15 000 tons/year inaugurated June 2017


Stora Enso – Hylte Mill – largest newspaper mill globally in 2012
50% of capacity reduced in 2013 due to decreasing demand
Kenneth Olsson, Mill Manager Hylte: ”We really managed to build both new hope and new business in Hylte”