Innovation and entrepreneurship to grow business. A large Swedish food company with well-known consumer brands.

Using bi-weekly coaching sessions focusing on the tools, concepts and processes from start-ups, the client can confidently assess the techniques of innovation and entrepreneurship, what works and what doesn’t.


The client was a new employee within the marketing division of the company and had been tasked with testing open innovation as a way of developing new offers and achieving growth for certain product lines. The client was experienced within in his field, but had not worked with open innovation or in an entrepreneurial style before.


By setting up a bi-weekly coaching session the client rapidly gained momentum in his new working environment. The sessions were focused on how to use open innovation, drawing on tools, concepts and processes from start-ups, to spur new ideas and help overcome obstacles.

The Ideon Open coach used questions to guide the client, helping him to find the smartest way to prioritize work and move forward.


The client quickly got down to hands-on activities that led to lasting result. A success factor was to initially have workshops with a hotel chain using the company´s products. In this process we supported in what set-up to use, what to think about regarding the venue of choice and questions regarding intellectual property. The client is now more aware of the opportunities from open innovation and entrepreneurship, what works and what doesn´t, and has a higher self confidence in his role.