The mobility innovation company CEVT (China Euro Vehicle Technology) engaged Ideon Open to explore the future of autonomous cars in an open innovation format. It is expected that gaming will become one of the leading user behaviours that will come into play in the world of self-driving cars. CEVT is examining the future of self-driving experience from a lifestyle perspective. To understand better how gaming will influence the design of vehicles and services suitable for a gaming pod of the future, Ideon Open designed a custom-made ideation process for CEVT.

With the support from Ideon Open, CEVT made an unusual move and established a CEVT co-creation pop-up lab at the world’s biggest LAN-party, DreamHack. DreamHack is one of the largest esports and gaming events in the world. In best open innovation fashion, Ideon Open engaged Mionix, the Swedish gaming peripherals company to collaborate on this project. At DreamHack event gamers, enthusiasts and visitors could co-create and ideate about future gaming cockpit and mobility solutions through 3 main activities facilitated by Ideon Open. LEGO-pool and specially designed deck of cards about the future pod solutions was designed, and visualizers from the deign firm Zenit was sketching attendants’ ideas live. Besides, visitors could also get inspired and explore Mionix gaming pod, a prototype in pink and covered with ballons that become a central Instagram moment at DreanHack. Overall, both client (CEVT) and participants were delighted with the co-creation lab.

With the help of Ideon Open CEVT gathered customer insights (70+ illustrations for gaming pod of the future), gained speed, and developed innovation culture by working with standing meetings, post-it notes, agile and entrepreneurial approach. With event media coverage, CEVT also gained visibility and positioned itself as a fresh brand open to innovative methods and partnerships with compelling brands like Mionix. CEVT also presented their ideas to the gaming organization Game Habitat at a big networking event, in order to engage and reach out to the gaming industry for more input and cooperation.

«A very brave open innovation project that really got interesting results and premier coverage at DreamHack. The future we saw created by the gamers and future customers of CEVT is not here yet, but sooner than you think. And now CEVT is several steps ahead of their competition.»
Jonas Michanek, Project Leader

«This is exactly the way we should work!» Mats Fägerhag, CEVT CEO