Agile and entreprenurial method a success for Kraftringen.

The company had just put in place an ISO-certified model for project management. At the same time it realised it needed another method for quick product development projects where uncertainty is high and there is a high degree of failure and learning.


  • Develop new competitive offerings for solar power and e-mobility
  • Extremely short time frame
  • No experience of agile methods
  • Organisation focused on risk minimization and process execution


  • Agile sprint methodology
  • Cross-function project with team members representing different roles
  • Parallel approach pushing all activities forward
  • Daily scrum meetings and biweekly sprint reviews


  • Record-fast development of new proposition
  • Post launch: sold more in 3 months than previous 12 months
  • Employees familiar with agile methods and entreprenurial way of wokring


  • Kraftringen is a utilities company owned by 5 municipalities in southern Sweden
  • Kraftringen has about 300 000 clients, 500 employees and 2,5 BSEK in turnover.