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Welcome to Ideon Open.

How’s business? Ideon Open uses collaboration and co-creation to reignite entrepreneurship in your company.

Wondering who we are?

We are an Open Innovation Agency. We break conventional thinking. We are smart, dynamic entrepreneurs who give you the tools and networks you need to grow and quickly flourish.

We don’t think outside of any box. We remove it altogether. Giving you the power to rip down barriers. And the power to break conventional thinking.

Our offers


Challenge driven innovation services giving you the power to see hidden opportunities and maximize potential, in both your company and your co-workers.

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A collaborative corporate accelerator for companies that want to develop disruptive business ideas at a high pace. 

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Open for business.

And we’re smart enough to stay as a neutral, not-for-profit part of one of Europe’s most innovative science parks.

With us everything is open. From innovation to ideas, to partners. All to make you open for more and better possibilities to grow and develop your business.

Do it easy.

You’d be surprised how many companies say, “We don’t have the processes for that”.

We know all about the risks and rewards of Intrapreneurship, and we’ll help you become faster and more creative. To throw off the shackles that stop you from thinking – and succeeding, by turning a complicated dilemma into an easy solution.

Letʼs go beyond. Now!

Our vision is to inspire institutions of all sizes, from large multinationals through startups to government institutions, to go beyond what they thought was possible. Using collaborative processes and tools, we enable you to achieve rapid growth, and become agile enough to leave your competitors standing.

Our mission is to make you grow through co-creation and disruptive innovation and drive you to achieve the results you aspire to. To understand the journey you need to make, and help you travel through it at warp speed.

News and Upcoming Events

New CEO at Ideon Open
New CEO at Ideon Open

New CEO at Ideon Open

Arne Hansson has recently left his post as CEO of Ideon Open at his own request. We would like to extend a warm thank you to Arne for all his great efforts and superb leadership at Ideon Open and we wish him the best of luck in the future. We...

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Recordings from Recent Events

Patrik Hermansson från Öresundskraft at Ideon Breakfast

Watch recording from May 10th. The energy sector is in disruptive change and we invited Patrik Hermansson from Öresundskraft to find out what’s currently on the agenda for a Strategy & Innovation Director at an energy company. Patrik was also sharing his vision...

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Digital Morning with Sara Hamlin from Ignite Sweden

OCTOBER 13th, 2021 Our guest Sara Hamlin, head of Corporate Relations at Ignite Sweden, is one of the central figures behind the expansion and success of Ignite Sweden. Sara is sharing what's making their offers and processes unique to startups and corporates. Sara's...

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